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James R. Williamson presents: The James R. Williamson Wiki
A place for sharing life and all its whimsical humdingers and ribosome information

Williamson Lab Wiki Pages

tTOF log and guide

Ribosome/SysBio Group meeting

Group meeting handouts

Whole Lab Presentations

Top10 transgressions against slide sense and design - Jamie

HIV Group Meeting

T-Cell Biology Partnership

T-Cell Group Meeting Presentations

Program Project Grant Application September 2014

Target List

Experimental Data

Solved Structures

Interaction Diagrams

Yeast Ribosome Biogenesis Data

C. elegans RNP Data

Lab Online Scheduling

Online Google Docs

R-DNA, plasmids, and cell strains list (Please edit also the info on your specific project)

R-DNA, plasmids and cell strains lists for specific projects: Ribosome Project HIV Project Bacterial Proteome Project

-80 Listing

-20 Listing

Lab Meeting Schedule

Lab Ordering List

Chemical Inventory List

Lab Jobs List

Chemicals not on the Chemical Inventory List

Instrument Maintenance Logs (not including the tTOF)


First protocol added, Candacia's T7 in vitro RNA transcription "Page of lab protocols"
Column manuals also live here.

Cold Trap and Vacuum Pump Maintenance

E. coli ribosome purification

Lab Inventories

Sequences and info sheets of (empty) cloning vectors, commercially available as well as home-made. "Cloning Vectors"

How to find Stephen's mass spec data files and strains

Mass Spectrometry Data Analysis

A description of various methods/settings/algorithms/whatever/etc used in both MS and MS/MS data analysis.

TTOF MGF and MZML Triple TOF Splitter Massacre Batch Fitting pulse labeling data
Assembly Diagrams using Mathematica

Journal Club

This is basically dead, grab the reins!

Journal Club


Here's the presentation from the 11-03-2011 EnVision FP plate reader seminar: EnVision Presentation by Allan Atkinson (Perkin Elmer)
And the filter & accessories list: EnVision Order Guide
"112911 ssc qMS presentation"

If you're involved in cryo-EM data analysis, here are two good mailing lists to subscribe to: